Your Happiness Comes First

In the past it physically hurt me to see people unhappy.

I used to subconsciously take on their pain and fear so that they didn’t have to feel it – and their pain energy manifested into chronic illness in my body. And the kicker?

…It didn’t work. No matter how much I wanted to take away their unhappiness – no matter how much I tried to sponge it up – it was all for nothing, and only resulted in hurting me.

The reason for this? Happiness is a CHOICE! I only just fully realized this in the last 10-15 years or so. I could never, ever take away someone’s pain…because ONLY THEY can choose to shift into joy!

And when I started to learn how to separate others’ pain from mine, I realized that: NONE OF IT WAS MINE! 🙂

My Truth is that I am a happy person – and I create my reality by choosing to BE happy each and every day.

My Truth is that I am happy no matter what!

This does not mean I never get sad or feel frustrated. I am human! 😉 But at the end of the day I process through all of my feelings by feeling them and having compassion for myself – and guess what: The discomfort processes quickly, no longer manifesting into physical illness – and I continue to embrace the truth: That I AM HAPPY!

I am happy because it is a grand adventure to be a human on Earth. I love Earth and I love life and my spirit is having a blast.

I hope you are too!

Will you say a Conscious YES to your happiness, now and forevermore?

Happiness is good for your health! 🙂





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