Empowerment for Messengers

MESSENGERS – YOU are a spiritual biz owner, teacher, artist; Creator.

You are here in this lifetime to share your message and SING YOUR TRUTH – that others might give themselves permission to do the same.

In this way we all are here to raise the vibration of the world – to assist and support as we transform into the Light we are here to BE!

But sometimes this can feel challenging.

Sometimes it can feel like we are giving birth from our tiny wombspaces (yes, men, even you – we each have our inner divine masculine AND our inner divine feminine!) to BABIES BIGGER THAN BUILDINGS! Ouch!

This is because as #messengers we all have had past lives in which we were punished, banished, tortured or killed because we were brave enough to share our messages – even in the dark ages.

The world was not then ready for the high vibes we were bringing to the table – so, too often, it was us on the slab.

And our souls contain those memories. And it can feel like history will repeat itself and we are scared.

We are literally scared that our beautiful messages will cause harm – EVEN THOUGH IN THIS LIFETIME THEY WILL NOT.

A few years back I had to get over a fear that speaking my Truth would cause death. What I hadn’t fully realized is that my fear was not that it would cause death to others – but to MYSELF! Once I realized this, all of those past lives of shame and punishment came flooding into my consciousness – and it was such a relief to understand where these underlying beliefs were coming from! I was able to process through and come to a place of peace.

And I realized:

THIS is the lifetime of stepping into our power as Wisdom Leaders.
THIS is the lifetime where we get to speak our Truth – fulfilling our purpose and inspiring others to do the same!

But in order to do this, we have to first fill our cups with the utmost self-care.

We must consciously choose happiness DAILY to stay in a high vibration.

We must say YES to our abundance – building our Wealth Wellness from within!

We must stay soulfully, energetically and emotionally healthy so that our bodies may resonate our vitality out into the world!

WE ARE the Universal Wisdom Leaders – here to speak, sing and shine – and I AM your shaman, supporting you in BE-ing: HAPPY, HEALTHY AND WEALTHY!

THUSLY I fulfill my purpose.

Now – Step into YOUR Power that you may fulfill yours!









Manifestation Manifesto

Manifestation Manifesto

Print out your copy of the Manifestation Manifesto

>> HERE <<

Post it where you can see it, and look at it often!



You can have all that you desire.

You just need to get clear on your desires,
align with deserving them,
and say a Conscious Yes to receiving them.


This message has been coming to me for years.

I know it sounds strange and – maybe, for some – unbelievable.

But as messengers, when messages come to us – over and over, from the divine – there is a REASON.


We messengers have agreed to come here in this lifetime to teach
what it is now time for humans to learn.


I have hid my messenger self in a very talented way for quite a while – only hinting at the tip of the iceberg to my Tribe members who were ready and open to receiving what comes through me.

At times even sharing my messages with my loving Tribe felt uncomfortable and scary!

But I realized that the following quote from Anais Nin had begun to hold true:


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

and the day came

So I have decided that I no longer allow the “Ouchie” of remaining scrunched in a bud to be OK with me.


I now say a Conscious YES to sharing my messagies, shining as my SELF and Singing my TRUTH.

And I invite YOU to Share, Shine and SING with me!




I AM Astra, Peaceful Prosperity Princess & Money Majesty Coach! I help you Manifest More Money in biz and life!


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Sound Healing for Opening to Money

Sound Healing for Opening to Money



Be sure to be in a meditative space while listening to this channeled vibrational sound healing.

Listen as many times as you desire!

Enjoy, and please share your experiences with this sound healing audio in the comments below!





EMPOWERESS & Principal of the School of Empowerment – for Messengers ready to step into your power as WISDOM LEADERS!




Say a Conscious Yes to Money!

Soulpreneurs – Messengers of Earth – I know how hard it can feel to ask for money for your services.

I totally get the struggle – that feeling of being stuck inside your Self – knowing that you are here to BE the Abundance you want to see in the world, feeling it so close – and yet not quite being able to bring yourself to hold out your hands and allow them to fill with Gold and light!


Affirm: I AM Abundance.


I am here to let you know – it is time to let go of centuries of shame and guilt around money. Turn that guilt into GELT (money!). 😉

The old school ways of thinking and feeling about money were based on nothing more than a perspective or mind set. Poverty consciousness was a taught paradigm and has nothing to do with the truth – that ours is an abundant Universe, and that lack doesn’t exist.

All things are expanding at all times, including US – the Humans of Earth. In fact, this is why we are here: To (re)learn how to BE light!

Money is simply a projection of that energy. Money is a tool that can support our journey of becoming light. We can use money to bring in a higher vibration of joy, of peace, of freedom – and we can use it to spread the joy – by helping more people and more animals across the Earth to expand in joyous vibration with us!

If you had all the money in the world right now, what is the first thing you would use it for? Now step into that vibration – you have done this thing, bought this item, paid for all in full. HOW DO YOU FEEL?

See, you get to choose how money feels for you. Money itself is neutral and takes on the vibration of the feeling we attribute to it.

You get to consciously choose every day how money will work for you. You get to create more money if more feels good.

What do you choose?

#moneyisatool #moneylightness #choosemoneylove

Affirm: I now say a Conscious Yes to MONEY!







I AM Astra, Peaceful Prosperity Princess & Money Majesty Coach. I help you Manifest More Money ~ and all that you desire!


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