Say a Conscious Yes to Money!

Soulpreneurs – Messengers of Earth – I know how hard it can feel to ask for money for your services.

I totally get the struggle – that feeling of being stuck inside your Self – knowing that you are here to BE the Abundance you want to see in the world, feeling it so close – and yet not quite being able to bring yourself to hold out your hands and allow them to fill with Gold and light!


Affirm: I AM Abundance.


I am here to let you know – it is time to let go of centuries of shame and guilt around money. Turn that guilt into GELT (money!). 😉

The old school ways of thinking and feeling about money were based on nothing more than a perspective or mind set. Poverty consciousness was a taught paradigm and has nothing to do with the truth – that ours is an abundant Universe, and that lack doesn’t exist.

All things are expanding at all times, including US – the Humans of Earth. In fact, this is why we are here: To (re)learn how to BE light!

Money is simply a projection of that energy. Money is a tool that can support our journey of becoming light. We can use money to bring in a higher vibration of joy, of peace, of freedom – and we can use it to spread the joy – by helping more people and more animals across the Earth to expand in joyous vibration with us!

If you had all the money in the world right now, what is the first thing you would use it for? Now step into that vibration – you have done this thing, bought this item, paid for all in full. HOW DO YOU FEEL?

See, you get to choose how money feels for you. Money itself is neutral and takes on the vibration of the feeling we attribute to it.

You get to consciously choose every day how money will work for you. You get to create more money if more feels good.

What do you choose?

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Affirm: I now say a Conscious Yes to MONEY!







I AM Astra, Peaceful Prosperity Princess & Money Majesty Coach. I help you Manifest More Money ~ and all that you desire!


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