Animal Healing


Animals, like humans, have souls and bodies.

And, when their energy is out of balance, they can experience emotional and physical challenges – just as we can.

Fortunately, due to their instinctual and sensitive nature, animals are particularly responsive to energetic healing work!


I have been intuitively communicating with, and working with the energy of, animals all my life.

I became a certified energy healer in 1996, and have used officially used this healing work with animals – as well as people – since then.

> Animals are our most powerful teachers of LOVE. I love them so much, and I am so happy to be able to be of support for them in this way!

Furry, feathery, scaly – I love them all!

The Session:

During this distance Animal Healing session, I work on and in the energy systems of your pet/Animal Loved One for the most beneficial results possible.

Whether there are specific issues you would like me to target, or you feel/they are telling you that they could simply use an energetic “tune-up,” this loving energy work supports your babies in feeling:

As comfortable, well and happy as possible!




Once you have paid (using the button below), email me the name and age of your Animal Loved One. Please also include any information about specific issues or challenges, or let me know if you would just like me to do a general healing.

Once I receive your email, I will email you back requesting a current picture of your animal.

Please email me using this form here:


Once I receive payment and your animal’s info & pic, I will perform the healing within 2-3 business days.

I will email you a written report of what transpired during the session.


I can’t wait to bring healing and love to your special animal soulmate!

Your Investment in Your Animal Loved One’s Well-Being: $197